Serviced Offices and Business Centres

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Solutions to suit single or multi-site operations

Penzias partners with Business Centres across Europe to provide a full telecommunications infrastructure and an extensive range of Hosted ICT services.
The services we provide are cloud-based, giving your business centres ultimate flexibility and resilience.
Our ICT platform was designed and built for the rapidly changing business centre environment so whether you are adding new users to an existing site or new sites to your portfolio, our platform is ready for deployment.
Key benefits of working with Penzias:
  • 8 years experience serving business centres
  • Flexible service options
  • Low initial capital outlay
  • No need for internal IT resource
  • Sales support
  • Additional streams of revenue
  • Technical documentation of services implemented  
  • Bandwidth management and reporting statistics
The serviced office environment is challenging and constantly changing. 
Business centre operators need  flexible, reliable services that can serve this environment. 
Our portfolio of services is specifically designed for serviced offices and provides enhanced features for telephony, bandwidth, wifi and user management, as well as customised solutions for more complicated customer requirments.

Penzias provides our customers with the best possible communications 
services for their  needs, so we can  
focus on our core  business.
Sandra Petri, Color Business Center

Flexible Coworking Space

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Flexible workspaces need to differentiate themselves and with Penzias they can offer a set of “pay as you go” business class & truly flexible services.

The Penzias cloud-based platform offers genuine ‘pay as you go’ ICT services for coworking spaces looking to hire out high quality office, business lounge or meeting space by the hour or by the day.
Flex workers enjoy the benefits of enterprise grade Wi-Fi, telephony, dedicated conferencing services.
Key benefits:
  • Rapid provision of services for new flex clients
  • Flexible charging mechanisms
  • Reliable WiFi networks
  • Mobility accounts for multi-location users
  • Follow me user profiles
Today work is no longer location dependent.
Flex workers need an agile environment that allows work to happen without the constraints of static equipment. They need the necessary technology to allow them to get their job done. 
Our robust and flexible infrastructure was designed and built to allow the agility necessary in a flex working environment.

It has been, and is still a great solution.  Once again, thanks
for the fantastic service.

Commercial Property Owners

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In the ultracompetitive landscape of commercial real estate you need a competitive edge in order to profitably fill buildings, Penzias can help you acheive this.

Penzias partners with building owners and property managers to provide a full telecommunications infrastructure and an extensive range of hosted ICT services.
Our aim is to make your property more desirable to prospective tenants by providing robust and ready ICT services to your buildings.
Our cloud-based platform allows new tenants immediate access to phone, Internet and data services making the decision to take space in your building easier.
Key benefits:
  • Full infrastructure installation and maintenance
  • Voice, Fibre, Internet and Wifi throughout the entire building
  • Management of existing infrastructure
  • Customised solutions for prosective tenants
  • Project management
  • Rapid provision of services to new tenants
We install highly scalable and flexible infrastructure in your building in order to help you attract new tenants. 
This means your new clients and tenants can have high bandwidth, phone, IT and wifi services ready for them when the decide to move in.    
We put an end to long installation lead times the headaches that go with managing a new communications infrastructure.