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Upgrade your legacy telephone systems with our IP based telephony from the cloud. 

  • Automated provisioning and administration
  • Automated billing and revenue analysis
  • Cloud based call centre services
  • Call recording
  • Hosted telephony
  • SIP
  • Unified communications and messaging
  • Multiple device capabilities
  • User-friendly, accessible web portal for easy management of telecoms


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Super fast secure Internet access with speed up to 1Gb available.

  • Bandwidth management
  • No IT experience required
  • IT security
  • Usage graphics
  • Reporting statistics
  • Built in resilience
  • Tight network control 

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Complete control of your wireless network allows you to grant and remove access as necessary.

  • Secure roaming
  • Device tracking and monitoring
  • Support high density environments
  • Easy to use administration portal
  • Multiple device capabilities
  • Signal optimisation to minimise effects of interference

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Management Software 

We provide a cutting-edge workspace management platform. Our cloud-based co-working software gives you complete control to grow your client base and to manage your facilities:

  • User-friendly Web portal to manage all telecoms, Internet and WiFi 
  • Receptionist console
  • WiFi and network control
  • Bandwidth management
  • Internet security
  • Cloud-based platform